Windows 7 Pre-order Upgrades

June 29th, 2009

I have had a lot of orders in the last couple of days for the Windows 7 pre-order upgrades. At this stage I don’t know how many my USA agent will be able to purchase as there is a limit of 3 per customer. I have asked him to buy as many as he can and and once I know how many he can get I will let everyone know.

Update: My USA agent is going to buy as many copies as he can. Because the cost varies a bit from store to store because of sales tax and shipping we are going to average out the costs across all the orders and fill them on first-come, first-served basis. The cost is likely to be no more than US$55 plus ship to Australia of around US$10. If you want a copy put in an order and I will contact you once all the copies have been ordered.

Update 2: My USA agent has managed to acquire 18 copies each of the Windows 7 home and professional upgrade. These are physical copies and will need to be posted to Australia. The average cost of Windows 7 home upgrade is US$53.75 and professional is $106.15. I will be sending out quotes to everyone who put in an order over the next couple of hours and the orders will be filled on a first paid, first served basis.

Update 3. My agent has sold all the Windows 7 home upgrades, but he still have a few copies of professional. The shipping to Australia is by express envelope and costs US$27.95.

Update 4. All sold.


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  1. kamal comments:


    Do you still have windows 7 pro avialable.If so whats the cost involved?


  2. Kevin comments:

    Is the Windows Home Professional still Avail?

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