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16GB iPhone now available

February 6th, 2008

I have added the new 16GB iPhone to our quick buys. These cost my partner US$581.91 to acquire as the price includes US state sales tax ($42.91) and an extra fee he has to pay (US$40) to get them (they are a real pain to buy).

This means that at the current exchange rate the 16GB iPhones are around under A$720.00 including shipping and all our fees.Both the 16GB and 8GB iPhones are brand new and come straight from Apple and so they have the 1.1.3 firmware on them. Given that this has just been software hacked (no need for a SIM unlock card) I expect that Apple will be releasing a new firmware pretty soon – if you are thinking of ordering a iPhone then now might be a good time 🙂

Edit. Apple has just released an update to 1.1.4 via iTunes. At this stage I have no information if these are on the new iPhones but it is a pretty good guess that if it isn’t it won’t be long till it is.