Shipping Perfume and Aftershave is Possible

August 25th, 2014

My US partners can once again ship perfume and aftershave. The shipping will be as cheap since it can only be done via first class mail (economy), but you are limited to orders under 2 kg and $250 in value. Since perfumes and aftershaves are not heavy this limitations should not be a problem if you are only ordering a few. This means you can purchase the perfume gifts and value sets or the holiday and miniature packs which are not available here in Australia from Macy’s, Sephora, Nordstrom and many other stores. Another bonus is that the free perfume samples offered by Sephora can now be included in your Price USA order. Some perfumes may not work out to be cheaper (this depends on the A$), but if you want a particular perfume that is only available in the USA then this is now possible. So time to shop and smell delish!

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  1. Katrina comments:

    Hi just wanna check with you if nail varnish is ok to order from sephora



  2. Carolina comments:

    Unfortunately not. In the crazy world that is international shipping nail polish is considered too dangerous 🙁

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