New Changes for February

February 4th, 2008

Things have been very busy over the last few weeks – thank you for all your questions and orders.  I am continuing to make changes to the site with experience. The most significant are listed below:

  • I have introduced a new optional insurance called return insurance. This insurance covers the cost of returning a broken or damaged item to and from the USA for warranty repair or replacement. It also covers damage caused in shipping. It costs 20% of the total shipping price and must be purchased at the same time as the item. This should prove useful for people who are worried about the expense of returning a large item for repair.
  • The shipping insurance now only covers loss of a shipment, not damage to the shipment. If you are worried about shipping damage I recommend purchasing return insurance. I also plan to reduce the rate of shipping insurance for express mail shipments as these shipments are much less likely to go missing. Unfortunately this is not simple to do with the way the site is built, but hopefully it will not take too long to work out.
  • The minimum service fee is now a flat $10. If you are ordering multiple items from the same shop the minimum service fee will apply to the total and not each individual item. For example, if you ordered 10 items worth $10 each from the same shop then the minimum service fee would be $10 not $100.
  • I have introduced a new shipping option, “estimate shipping for me”. You can use this if you don’t know the shipping weight. If you chose this option I will check your order and provide you with a estimate of the shipping, or send you a bill when your item arrives at my US partners address. It is still best to choose the shipping method and weight if you know it as the Price Estimator will then be able to provide you with a more accurate idea of what the final cost will be.
  • I have updated the FAQ and fee pages describing these changes, as well as adding additional answers to questions that have arisen over the last few weeks.



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