Google Nexus One Phone

January 7th, 2010

Update: My new USA partner has 3 of these in stock available for immediate shipment. He is having increasing difficulty getting hold of these phones so has increased the price he is charging to US$599.

Update 2: All sold.

This phone has become very popular all of a sudden. Because Google blocks access to this phone based on your geography I have been getting lots of requests for this phone. So here is the Q & A list for the most common questions I have received. I will update this post as news comes in rather than create a hundred new posts.

1. Can you order the Nexus One phone?

Yes. Because of the difficulties in ordering this phone I will only be processing orders once my partner is in possession of the phone.

Update 1. Six phones have been shipped to my agent so it looks like he has got over the 5 phone limit.

Update 2. No longer valid.

Update 3. There have been 16 phones shipped to Australia as of the 15th Jan. I will keep this updated as the phones come in and are shipped.

Update 4. There have been 19 phones shipped to Australia as of the 21st Jan.

Update 5. 28 phones have been shipped.

Update 6. 36 phones have shipped.

2. What does the phone cost?

The phone costs US$599. The price is higher because they are so difficult to get hold of.

3. How much does the phone cost to ship to Australia?

The phone weights 2lbs and costs $37.75 to ship.

3. When will I get the phone?

My partner has stock so within 6 days of receiving your payment.

4. What is the fastest shipping method?

Express mail at 6 days (US37.75), and priority (US$31.25) is around 8 to 12 days.


10 responses

  1. Bumskins comments:

    Weights 0.9KG / 2lbs according to that screenshot, though you should find out that soon enough =D

  2. Mav comments:


    Have you got an update on the number of phones shipped so far? The info above shows that 6 were sent but no further updates have been posted. My reason for asking is that my as far as I can tell from various forums, other people in Australia seem to be getting phones shipped fairly quickly, but your agent seems to be having some difficulties. My understanding is that your agent was due to get some more late this week. It would just be reassuring to see that the phones are being received and on-shipped.


  3. Jonathon comments:

    > At this stage the queue is around a week.

    Is that a week from when the orders were originally placed with PriceUSA, or a week from this update made on 15th Jan?

  4. Carolina comments:

    I have updated the number of phones shipped to Australia. The queue is from when the phones were paid.

  5. Mav comments:

    Any update on the number of phones shipped?

  6. Daniel comments:

    Hi Carolina,

    What is the wait on getting one of these phones? i live in australia. is there a large queue

  7. Carolina comments:

    My agent has a few in stock right now so if you are quick you will be sent one as soon as you pay.

  8. Will comments:

    Hi there Carolina,

    When can I expect more Nexus Ones to be available for purchase?

  9. Jason comments:

    Wondering when you will be getting more of these in stock? it has been awhile since an update.

  10. Carolina comments:

    My agent has more stock now, but he has increased the price on the phones since they are so difficult to get hold of.

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