Consolidation: When does it make sense to use?

April 28th, 2015

A question that comes up a lot is when it is a good idea to use consolidation (this is when you combine multiple orders from different stores into one package for shipping overseas)? Because all order have a minimum order fee (US$10) and because economy shipping is so cheap, it really only makes sense to consolidate when you are using express shipping. With economy shipping all consolidating does is slow down the shipping of your orders since my US partners have to wait for the slowest order to arrive before they can ship while not saving you any money. For example, if you consolidate two orders from different stores and one take 2 days to arrive from the store and the other takes 2 weeks then my US partner can’t ship your first order until the second order has arrived. The simple rule to follow is:

  1. Consolidation will save you money when using express shipping, but it will slow you getting your items.
  2. Consolidation make no sense when using economy shipping since you save no money and it only slows you getting your items.

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