Apple TV

February 3rd, 2008

A few people have shown interest in ordering the Apple from the USA. Apple appears to be subsidizing the USA models (40GB and 160GB) so they are significantly cheaper to order from the USA than here in Australia. At the current exchange rate you can order the 40GB model from the USA for A$320 (including shipping) compared with A$449 from Apple Australia. The 160GB model is A$412 from the USA compared with A$579 from Apple Australia.The Quick buy links for these two models are:

apple tv

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  1. Scott comments:


    Do you also consider getting refurb items? They are often that bit less expensive again and apple refurb items still carry full warranty of a new item.


  2. Carolina comments:

    Sure if you can find a store that offers them other than Apple. The problem with buying from Apple is you have to pay US state sales tax on any orders. This is for my agent around 6%.


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