May 2015 Archive

Shipments of Lithium Ion Batteries Packaged Without Equipment

May 18th, 2015

UPS and USPS have just changed their policy on shipping lithium batteries not inside equipment. They will ship if the destination is Sydney, but nowhere else. This means in practice we can’t take orders for just lithium batteries anymore. This does not affect shipments of batteries inside items – this is still fine provided the total capacity is under 100Wh.

Estimating the shipping weight of orders

May 4th, 2015

One area I see customers struggling with all the time is estimating the shipping cost. I understand this is very difficult (it is difficult for me and I have been doing it for years), but there is simple way to get an idea of the cost and that is to use two guesses – a high one and a low one using my shipping cost calculator.

Step 1. Click on my shipping cost calculator. This is the big green button in the top right hand side of my order form. If you are using a phone then it will be below the main order form so scroll down.



Step 2. Enter your Postcode and the Item Price. It is important that you do this as both can affect the final shipping cost. At this stage you will see that all the different shipping options are greyed out.


Step 3. Make a low guess. To do this think of the smallest sized box that would fit all your items and the lightest it might weigh. Don’t worry too much if you are 100% accurate as you are not trying to guess the final cost, just work out the cost range. All the possible shipping methods available will then become visible along with the costs.


Step 4. Make a high guess. Now imagine the biggest sized box the items would need. It can be really helpful here to pull out a box you have and measure it. Enter the new dimensions and look at the shipping methods and costs. If any of the methods are greyed out then that method can’t be used.


Step 5. Decide if you want fast or cheap shipping. You now just need to decide if you want your items quickly or cheaply. Sometimes the answer for both is the same shipping method. This is especially true for larger items where express is both the cheapest and fastest.

Step 6. Place your order and get a quote. The only complication to worry about is if the amount you are willing to pay in shipping is greater than the low range but less than the high range. If this is the case then put in your quote what your high and low guesses were and we will advise you on what we think is your best option. If we think it is better for you to not order then we will let you know. We would rather you did not order than get a final bill that was more than you wanted to pay.