March 2015 Archive

UPS Fuel Surcharge falls to 3.5%

March 8th, 2015

The drop in the oil price before Christmas is finally flowing through to the UPS fuel surcharge (it lags by a few months). The great news is the fuel surcharge is down to 3.5% (it was 11% a few month back). This makes express shipping cheaper than it has ever been – if only we can get the A$ back up to parity!

Changes to First Class Mail (economy) Shipping

March 8th, 2015

There have been some changes to the way economy mail shipping works. Instead of have only one cost, my US partnersĀ are now charged two different rates depending on the size of the package. If the package is under 24 inches (60cm) in length, and the total of the length + width + height is under 36 inches (90cm), then the old pricing applies. If your packages is larger thanĀ this size limit then the shipping cost is a little higher (e.g. a larger 1 lb package will cost US$2.75 more) . The shipping cost calculator on the order form will tell you what the new cost will be based on the box dimensions and weight.

The good news about this change is we can now ship larger packages by economy shipping. The limit is now 42 inches (105cm) in length and the girth + length can be up to 97 inches (242cm). The weight limit is still 4 lbs (1.8kg), but since economy mail is not based on volumetric weight it is still a great option for large, but not heavy items.