December 2014 Archive

UPS Price Increases for 2015

December 31st, 2014

This is the time of year for UPS to increase their shipping prices. For reasons known only to UPS this is not a straight percentage increase, but ranges from 5% to more than 10% with all sorts of strange anomalies (i.e. 13 lbs is much more expensive to ship than 12 lbs). I have updated the shipping cost calculator and my website to reflect this price increase.

The price increase only affects express shipping. At this stage economy shipping stays the same price as last year since USPS has announced that there will be no price increase for 2015.

This UPS increase does make Sea freight more cost effective so the cross-over point is now 50 lbs (it used to be 100 lbs). I have updated my shipping cost calculator to reflect this.

Boxing Day Bargain: Motorola X 2014 2nd Gen Pure Edition 16 GB Phone

December 26th, 2014

I have a bargain for those of you looking to buy a Motorola X 2014 phone. Due to a ordering mix up (one of my US partners ordered the wrong colour model)  we now have brand new open box one sitting here at my home in Sydney for sale. The specs are below and the price is AUS$500 + AUS$20 shipping. On eBay the same phone is selling for around AUS$675 – $700 so this should hopefully go fast.

Back -> Dark Teal
Front -> Black
Trim -> Metallic Dark Gray
No Case
Memory -> 16GB
Wall Charger -> White
Unlocked phone without a contract
Moto X pure edition

If you have any questions please just email me.

Edit. Sold – was a great bargain. My husband was disappointed as he was wanting to keep it for himself.