August 2014 Archive

Shipping Perfume and Aftershave is Possible

August 25th, 2014

My US partners can once again ship perfume and aftershave. The shipping will be as cheap since it can only be done via first class mail (economy), but you are limited to orders under 2 kg and $250 in value. Since perfumes and aftershaves are not heavy this limitations should not be a problem if you are only ordering a few. This means you can purchase the perfume gifts and value sets or the holiday and miniature packs which are not available here in Australia from Macy’s, Sephora, Nordstrom and many other stores. Another bonus is that the free perfume samples offered by Sephora can now be included in your Price USA order. Some perfumes may not work out to be cheaper (this depends on the A$), but if you want a particular perfume that is only available in the USA then this is now possible. So time to shop and smell delish!

Update to the Order Form

August 8th, 2014

The never end process of tweaking and polishing the website continues. I have updated the order form to try and make it a little easier to use. I will be updating the help and FAQ pages to match the changes.

I have updated the shipping cost calculator to provide price information on UPS Fast shipping. This method is a few dollars more than normal UPS, but is also a few days faster. If you are in a great hurry to get something this it is a great option. Just request it in the extra information section of the order form and we will make sure it is included in the quote.

Economy & Express Shipping Confusion

August 3rd, 2014

One of the biggest areas of customer confusion I have found running Price USA over the last seven years is the differences between the way economy and express shipping work. The cause of this confusion is that economy shipping is charged by USPS on weight alone, while express shipping is charged by UPS on the basis of weight and volume. This causes people to think express shipping is only a little more than economy shipping if they forget about the effect of volume.

A classic example of this problem is that caused by shoes – by economy shipping most shoes weight around 2 to 2.5 lbs (shipping cost of US$22 to US$25), while the same shoes sent by express shipping are up around 6 to 8 lbs (shipping cost US$58 to US$67). This is because shoes (like lots of things other than lead) are relative light for their volume. What I have found is that many people think that express shipping is based on just weight and so will choose express shipping 2 lbs (US$39) for shoes thinking that it is not much more than economy. Of course when they get my quote after I have corrected the shipping weight to reflect the likely volume of the shoes they then think I am trying to overcharge them (which I am not of course).

To try and avoid this problem I have decided that from now on if a customer chooses an unrealistically low express shipping weight for orders that can be shipped economy then I will change the shipping from express to economy. If I have changed your order to economy, and you really want express, just let me know by email and I will send you a new quote with a realistic express shipping cost. Since the shipping method does not affect the initial deposit amount this should hopefully achieve the best outcome.