April 2014 Archive

Customised Timberland Shoes

April 14th, 2014

Timberland is now offering customised shoes. You can design your own men’s, women’s and kids boots and boat shoes.

You choose the colour of the leather, stitching and soles. You can personalise the shoes by adding initials or numbers to the tongue, footbed and/or collar.

The making process takes between 2-3 weeks in the US and then you can have the shoes posted USPS Economy shipping (21 days) or UPS (6 days) to Australia.

Here is the link to Timberland

Once you have finished the customisation you can copy and paste the link into the Price USA order from or you can share your design with us.

Amazon Fire TV

April 10th, 2014

The Amazon Fire TV units seems to be a popular item at the moment. We have now shipped a few and they proved to be 2 lbs each in weight. If shipped today using economy mail the total landed cost of an Amazon Fire TV is A$136.12 – this will of course change a little bit with the exchange rate, but I thought I would post this so people had a better idea of the final cost.