February 2012 Archive


February 24th, 2012

Daniel and I are going away on long overdue holiday for 10 days to a beautiful tropical island. In our absence, one of my US partners (Lindsay Manning) has kindly offered to take over our roles while we are away, but because she is based in the USA she can’t do everything that we can. The important changes while we are gone are:

  1. Lindsay can only access the payment information from the Trust Commonwealth bank account and paypal. I have removed the other bank account details from the emails, but if you have the details of one of the other accounts from a previous order and use that to pay, then your payment won’t be able to be accessed until we get back.
  2. Lindsay can’t answer phone calls. My mother will be staying at our house, but she won’t be answering the business phone. Lindsay can answer your emails so if you have a questions please email her  – you can use my email address to do this.
  3. Lindsay can’t answer all possible questions. If you have a really tricky question then you may have to wait until I am back before you get an answer.

All my other partners are working as normal so you should be no problems with ordering and shipping while we are away. I will try not to think too much about you all while we are gone and just relax 🙂