April 2011 Archive

USPS Price Rise for First Class Mail

April 22nd, 2011

USPS has increased the shipping cost of first class mail, but what appears to be around 5%. This is never good, but at least in A$ it is not so bad with the recent rise.

HP Coupons

April 16th, 2011

HP appears to have some unlisted limit on the number of orders with coupons that can be placed by one person. This secret limit is retrospectively applied – sometimes weeks after the order is placed. All my USA partners have now hit this limit. This means that while they can still order from HP they can not get any coupon discounts.

Edit. This seems to have eased off so it should be possible to accept HP coupons again.



Does Price USA sell fake goods?

April 8th, 2011

I get asked this question quite a bit. The simple answer is no.

Looking at this more closely it is really a strange question to ask about a service like mine. It only takes a moments thought to see that it is impossible. I don’t get to chose what you want to buy – you send me a list of what you want to buy and my USA partner get these for you. There must be at least a million different items that you can buy from stores in the USA. When you place an order you are choosing a few items at random out of these 1,000,000+ items. Unless I have a magic machine that can make fake items on demand then there is no way I could actually get fake items for you that matched your selection. You can safely assume I don’t have such a magic machine because if I did I would not be running Price USA 🙂

I think the reason this question comes up is that you don’t automatically get a copy of the store invoice since this is my USA partner’s invoice (i.e. they buy the items from the store and then sell them to you). If you are ever worried about where your items are from you can at anytime get a copy of the store invoice from my USA partner.


Instant iPad2 available to ship

April 3rd, 2011

My USA partners have four extra Black 16G wifi  iPad2 ready to ship. They are priced at US$500 each and weight 3 lbs. The landed cost to Australia at the moment is around $565. If you want one hurry 🙂

I have put up an quick buy here. A$568 landed here in under a week.