June 2009 Archive

Windows 7 Pre-order Upgrades

June 29th, 2009

I have had a lot of orders in the last couple of days for the Windows 7 pre-order upgrades. At this stage I don’t know how many my USA agent will be able to purchase as there is a limit of 3 per customer. I have asked him to buy as many as he can and and once I know how many he can get I will let everyone know.

Update: My USA agent is going to buy as many copies as he can. Because the cost varies a bit from store to store because of sales tax and shipping we are going to average out the costs across all the orders and fill them on first-come, first-served basis. The cost is likely to be no more than US$55 plus ship to Australia of around US$10. If you want a copy put in an order and I will contact you once all the copies have been ordered.

Update 2: My USA agent has managed to acquire 18 copies each of the Windows 7 home and professional upgrade. These are physical copies and will need to be posted to Australia. The average cost of Windows 7 home upgrade is US$53.75 and professional is $106.15. I will be sending out quotes to everyone who put in an order over the next couple of hours and the orders will be filled on a first paid, first served basis.

Update 3. My agent has sold all the Windows 7 home upgrades, but he still have a few copies of professional. The shipping to Australia is by express envelope and costs US$27.95.

Update 4. All sold.


Delays Placing Orders

June 24th, 2009

Just a quick note to let everyone know that my USA agent is currently overwhelmed with orders at the moment (volume is about 5x normal). Because of the limits on his credit cards he can only place a certain total value of orders per day. At the current rate he should clear out the backlog over the next two days, but if you have any concerns please contact me and I will try to do what I can.

Edit. All back to normal.


Price USA open again

June 14th, 2009

I am back from my rather nice holiday and so Price USA is now open for new order again. If you have written to me over the last  week I will get back to you over the next couple of days.