April 2008 Archive

Ordering from eBay

April 23rd, 2008

I have had quite a few enquires about ordering from ebay. This is something that my USA partners will do, but the process is a little different to ordering at a normal online store.

  1. They won’t order from all sellers – basically the seller has to be reliable. They reserve the right to not order from any ebay seller if they have any doubts about them.
  2. If it is an ebay auction you need to give at least 48 hours notice. This is so my USA partner has time to place a bid as well as give you time to make payment.
  3. With ebay auctions you fill in my order form the same as any other order except that the value you put in the price field is the maximum that you are willing to bid to on the item. My USA partners will then bid up to this level. If they are able to buy it for less then you will be refunded the saving.
  4. If the auction exceeds your maximum bid, or if the item sells before my partner can bid (ie a buy it now sale), then you will be refunded minus a $A10 fee. This covers the cost to both me and my USA partner of going through the ordering process.

In general, buying from ebay is only worthwhile if the item is expensive or unique. For most other items you can purchase the same item from a normal online store for less.


Shipping Snowboards and Skis via USPS

April 23rd, 2008

I have been getting a lot of enquires about ordering skis and snowboards from the USA. Snowboards and skis are technically too long to ship via USPS, but lots of companies in the USA seems to be shipping them to Australia using USPS. My USA partner has recently started taking orders for snowboards and skis because of this, but so far he has yet to have any ship to Australia so I can’t tell you if it will work. The risk is the USPS depot in San Francisco will send the package back to my partner. While we don’t think this is likely, it is a risk. If you want to take the risk then you can place an order, or you can wait until I have some more news.

The cost of USPS shipping for a single snowboard is around US$110 and around $75 for a pair of skis. There is no problem ordering other ski gear like boots, jackets, pants, gloves.


My USA partner tried shipping the skis via USPS and they got blocked at the San Francisco depot and sent back to my agent. My partner now has a high volume UPS account set up so he can now ship skis and snowboards and the cost should be around $100 to $120 to ship. Interestingly, the cost of shipping two skis or snowboards is not that much more at around $120 to $150.

Update 2:

My partner has moved to FedEx – apparently they have a better to deal with. The cost are around the same as UPS. One thing FedEx does offer is very high discounts if the volumes are high so if everyone ordered a lot of large items then the cost would really come down.

Update 3:

Snowboards tend to cost around US$70 to $90 to ship. Skis seems to be larger and cost around US$100 to US$120. The difference depends on the size and weight.

Update 4:

This is a very old post so please don’t rely on any of the numbers quoted here to work out the shipping weight of snow gear. Use the order form or the shipping cost calculator to work this out. As a hint snowboards tend to be around 25 lbs volumetric weight, but because of their length attract an extra surcharge from UPS.

Update 5:

I am amazed that people still read this post as it is so old. Yes we still ship snowboards and skis. Just fill out the order form and we will send you a quote.

Credit Card & Paypal Payments Limit Increased

April 15th, 2008

After a trial run of accepting paypal/credit cards I have increased the limit from A$250 to $750. My fee is 10% rather than the normal 5% with bank deposits with these payment types, but if I get sufficient volume via these methods (over $5000 a month) then I will be able to reduce this fee.

Edit. The limit is now $4000.


1000 Order

April 15th, 2008

I have finally passed the 1000 order. Thank you to everyone who has ordered using my service.


Apple iPhone Price Drop

April 10th, 2008

I have recently changed my iPhone partner because my previous partner became seriously ill. My new partner is charging less to get the iPhones ($20 rather than $40 extra). He also pays less USA state sales tax so the price of the iPhones is now $US449.80 for the 8GB model and US$557.52 for the 16GB model. With the Australian dollar up at the moment they now work out at around A$566 and A$692 to get here with my fees and express shipping included.