February 2008 Archive

Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro Bargains

February 29th, 2008

Amazon is running out the previous model Apple MacBooks and MacBook Pros. With the extra rebates (US$75 on the MacBook and US$150 on the MacBook Pros these are a great bargain at only A$1,849.00 for the 15″ MacBook Pro and A$1,112.00 for the White 13″ MacBook. This price includes shipping and our fees. The quickbuy links are below.


iPhone 1.1.4 Update

February 28th, 2008

Apple has just released an update to the Apple firmware (1.1.4) via iTunes. I don’t know at this stage when this update will be on the iPhones coming from Apple (it depends on what is the lead time in the factory in China), but it appears that Apple has not blocked the easy software hack in this version so there should be no problem unlocking the phones here in Australia.

If you would like to read more about unlocking the 1.1.4 update I suggest taking a read through the hackint0sh iPhone forum.


FAQ Update

February 26th, 2008

I have updated the FAQ/Learn more page as it was getting too large. I have broken it up into separate sections which should  make it much easier to find the answers you are looking forward. If there are any questions you think are missing please let me know here and I will add them to the FAQ.

Welcome whirlpoolers

February 24th, 2008

I just want to welcome all of you who have come over to visit from whirlpool. If you have any questions about my service, or you would like to let me know about your experience, please feel welcome to post a reply.

If you are interested in getting an independent review of Price USA then it is worth checking out the thread on whirlpool about my service. Is priceusa.com.au safe?.

There is also a huge running macktalk.com.au forum thread on how to get an iPhone in Australia where people have discussed their experience dealing with Price USA. How to procure an iPhone in Australia?


Sanyo Z2000 1080p Projector

February 19th, 2008

A great bargain at the moment is the Sanyo Z2000 1080p projector. It can be bought from VisualApex for US$2195 and comes with a US$600 mail-in rebate. After taking into account shipping and our fees this projector works out at only a little over AUS$2000. This is a great price considering the Australian RRP on this projector is $3999! I have added the quick buy link for the Z2000 below.

Sanyo Z2000 1080p Projector

16GB iPhone now available

February 6th, 2008

I have added the new 16GB iPhone to our quick buys. These cost my partner US$581.91 to acquire as the price includes US state sales tax ($42.91) and an extra fee he has to pay (US$40) to get them (they are a real pain to buy).

This means that at the current exchange rate the 16GB iPhones are around under A$720.00 including shipping and all our fees.Both the 16GB and 8GB iPhones are brand new and come straight from Apple and so they have the 1.1.3 firmware on them. Given that this has just been software hacked (no need for a SIM unlock card) I expect that Apple will be releasing a new firmware pretty soon – if you are thinking of ordering a iPhone then now might be a good time 🙂

Edit. Apple has just released an update to 1.1.4 via iTunes. At this stage I have no information if these are on the new iPhones but it is a pretty good guess that if it isn’t it won’t be long till it is.

New Changes for February

February 4th, 2008

Things have been very busy over the last few weeks – thank you for all your questions and orders.  I am continuing to make changes to the site with experience. The most significant are listed below:

  • I have introduced a new optional insurance called return insurance. This insurance covers the cost of returning a broken or damaged item to and from the USA for warranty repair or replacement. It also covers damage caused in shipping. It costs 20% of the total shipping price and must be purchased at the same time as the item. This should prove useful for people who are worried about the expense of returning a large item for repair.
  • The shipping insurance now only covers loss of a shipment, not damage to the shipment. If you are worried about shipping damage I recommend purchasing return insurance. I also plan to reduce the rate of shipping insurance for express mail shipments as these shipments are much less likely to go missing. Unfortunately this is not simple to do with the way the site is built, but hopefully it will not take too long to work out.
  • The minimum service fee is now a flat $10. If you are ordering multiple items from the same shop the minimum service fee will apply to the total and not each individual item. For example, if you ordered 10 items worth $10 each from the same shop then the minimum service fee would be $10 not $100.
  • I have introduced a new shipping option, “estimate shipping for me”. You can use this if you don’t know the shipping weight. If you chose this option I will check your order and provide you with a estimate of the shipping, or send you a bill when your item arrives at my US partners address. It is still best to choose the shipping method and weight if you know it as the Price Estimator will then be able to provide you with a more accurate idea of what the final cost will be.
  • I have updated the FAQ and fee pages describing these changes, as well as adding additional answers to questions that have arisen over the last few weeks.



Apple TV

February 3rd, 2008

A few people have shown interest in ordering the Apple from the USA. Apple appears to be subsidizing the USA models (40GB and 160GB) so they are significantly cheaper to order from the USA than here in Australia. At the current exchange rate you can order the 40GB model from the USA for A$320 (including shipping) compared with A$449 from Apple Australia. The 160GB model is A$412 from the USA compared with A$579 from Apple Australia.The Quick buy links for these two models are:

apple tv