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TVs from USA

Posted by Damien 
TVs from USA
June 19, 2011 02:41PM
Hello Carolina, I'm curious if you've ever shipped TV's through your service before or are they too big of an item?

A lot of TVs now are multi-voltage and will work on 240V.
Re: TVs from USA
June 20, 2011 08:11AM
I have had a look and I can't find anyone who has ordered a TV. The problem apart from size and voltage differences is the digital TV system is different in the USA too compared to Australia.

Re: TVs from USA
August 01, 2011 09:52PM
i think you would either have to find someone that knows about tv's from america or email the supplier to see if it is possible... otherwise just buy an invertor and an external tuner if you can't tune in the channels via the internal tuner
Re: TVs from USA
August 04, 2011 08:19PM
The difference between USA TV's and Australian TV's is that the USA and Japan use the NTSC and Australia, Africa, NZ and Western Europe use the PAL system.

More recently all electrical equipment like DVD players, or TV etc in Australia all have the options of switching between both; so no argument there about system use.

As far as shippiong goes, well eveyone from Harvey Norman to the small electrical shop around the corner in your country town all ship TV's from China, USA, Korea etc, and unless the shipping container is dropped 40 metres at the dock - they all arrive OK and work.

The voltage - USA uses 110-volts, Europe - 220-volts and we all know Australia uses 240-volts. I'm sure that different brands don't manufacture different insides to suit a country (too expensive), they step-down inverters or step-up, it all depends which country it goes to. Like electric shavers, laptop recharging - when people travel O/S.

I would have no concern on buying a TV, DVD player, Laptop, IPad/Pod from the US either.

I hope that this has allayed any concerns.
Cheers, Stephen
Re: TVs from USA
August 12, 2011 01:41AM
[www.dvb.org] actually explains that if a tv has QAM, then more than likely is possibly to tune tv signals into the tv itself from Australia... so check to see if the tuner is QAM ... basically in a nutshell, QAM is used in the US to tune in cable television stations and in the UK (which is the next step up from Australia using DVB-T2 and we here in Australia use DVB-T)it is used to tune Terrestrial channels (at jaycar there is a $4 screw attachment that converts the US aerial to Australian Standards... The next step is to head to a reputable site where they can actually confirm that the TV is 110-240v @50/60hz and then check to see if devices such as DVD and game consoles are supported by the TV itself.. i too am having a hard time trying to find info about Vizio Televisions as well... so yeah finally something more positive to look forward to... YAY
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