Parcel forwarding and fragrance shipping
November 14, 2017 07:55AM
Hi, I'm new to PriceUSA and just wanted to confirm a few things before I place any orders.

Are fragrances OK to ship to Australia? I could only find a blog post from a few years ago stating that it was, but wanted to check if this still stands as I've found it is virtually impossible by any other means. I have a fragrance that's stuck in limbo with another parcel forwarder as they decided to change their terms of service after my parcel already arrived at their warehouse. They are telling me my only option is to have it sent to another US address, but from what I've read on here, the PriceUSA address isn't disclosed to customers and the whole process of parcel forwarding is very complication. Is this true?

Re: Parcel forwarding and fragrance shipping
December 13, 2017 11:07AM
It is not possible to ship perfume to Australia from the USA. All the carriers ban perfume from being shipped.

Carolina Tillett
Price USA Support
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