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Suppliers that do sell to AUSTRALIA

Posted by philiptubb 
Suppliers that do sell to AUSTRALIA
December 31, 2014 05:30AM
Do you purchase from suppliers who do ship to Australia but whose shipping charges are very high compared to yours?

Many thanks

Re: Suppliers that do sell to AUSTRALIA
January 01, 2015 07:29AM
Hi Philip

Yes Price USA does. It always is a good idea to check out the Price USA shipping cost first (use the shipping cost calculator) as sometimes the reason the shipping cost is so high from the store is the volume of the item is really large. Shipping is based on both weight and volume so really bulky items can be expensive to ship.

My experience is that the big stores are normally able to ship at a reasonable price, but some of the small stores charge a lot more than Price USA since they don't ship much overseas and so don't get very good rates from their shipping company. As always ask Carolina for her advice smiling smiley
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