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Sea Freight - what happens at Melbourne end ?

Posted by geoffconway 
Sea Freight - what happens at Melbourne end ?
October 06, 2014 04:53PM
I would like to know how sea freight is handled at the Melbourne (assuming sea freight ends up in Melbourne and not Sydney) end. (I live in Melbourne - south-eastern suburbs.)

I am considering purchasing some speakers off eBay in the USA - problem is each speaker weighs around 115lbs - and when crated probably closer to 145lbs.

So combined am looking at probably 320lbs of speakers + some parts with a total value of $USD4500-.

I understand the seller will crate them and arrange shipment to the USA buyer who will then arrange for them to be freighted to the sea-freight terminal to be shipped to Australia or some variation of this.

What I don't understand is what will happen at the Melbourne end ? I know there will be customs duty + tax to be paid - but what the process by which the pallet of 320 lbs+ of speakers ends up at my home address and who arranges that part?
I've looked in the help and FAQ but this side isn't explained at all.

Re: Sea Freight - what happens at Melbourne end ?
October 06, 2014 05:38PM
Sea freight is a door-to-door service. The only thing not included is the GST and duty which you pay directly to the sea freight company - basically they will contact you about this when the speakers reach Australia.

Carolina Tillett
Price USA Support
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