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USPS First Class Mail ?

Posted by ash47 
USPS First Class Mail ?
April 09, 2012 08:06PM
I don't see an option for this in the order form, and yet I keep receiving emails telling me the following:

UPS (Courier) | 6 Days
USPS Express Mail | 7 Days
USPS Priority Mail | 12 Days
USPS First Class Mail | 16 Days

Am I right to assume "USPS Express Mail" is "Express + Tracking" ?

I really don't want USPS First Class Mail, so I'd like to know which "international shipping" this is according to your order form, thanks.
Re: USPS First Class Mail ?
April 10, 2012 08:10AM
On the order form I have tried to simplify the different shipping options down so it is not so confusing for people. The translation is:
    [*] economy = first class mail
    [*] economy + tracking = priority mail
    [*] express + tracking = express mail or ups (courier)
Really all you need to decide is do you want the cheapest shipping possible (slow) or fast (expensive) and we will take care of everything else.
Re: USPS First Class Mail ?
April 11, 2012 07:08PM
Thanks for the response grinning smiley

Erm, according to your order form, for larger items, express is cheaper anyways:

Economy + Tracking [2.7KG] = $71.11
Express + Tracking [2.7KG] = $62.45

and of course, after 2.7KG, Economy is no longer offered, and I have to select express.

I have already ordered and I expect the package to arrive at your USA partners place either tomorrow, or in the following few days, is there anyway to specify that I do want express postage (since it is actually cheaper and faster?)

I'm pretty sure that my order will be over 1.8KG anyways...
Re: USPS First Class Mail ?
April 12, 2012 01:31PM
Never mind, it ended out being express because of the weight, thanks anyways tongue sticking out smiley
Re: USPS First Class Mail ?
April 12, 2012 02:22PM
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