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Great Service, good communcation

Posted by U4E2k4 
Great Service, good communcation
July 23, 2015 07:35PM
Subject covers it really, the service was very good. Lots of communication on what is going on and where everything is at. The order form, while may be a bit intimidating at first, is pretty easily picked up, much more than competitors at least.

The optional parts, things like return insurance, detailed inspection, damage insurance I would highly reccomend using. At the very least it's an added bit of security.

I say the good things first to ensure Price USA that I'm not going to blame them for things that isn't their fault, my goods that I ordered were damaged during transit (possibly after the detailed inspection and after the US Partner had sent it off to Australia) and I didn't buy the damage insurance, or return insurance. Will definetly do that next time.

Detailed inspection is a very good service. Can ask for any picture, close up or whatever, and it is sent in a reasonable span of time, maybe changes depending on season and how many other orders are going on.

I had also been lucky enough to save around $60 on shipping by using this, but it might be a situational thing.

Still, good service, unfortunate that the thing happened and I wasn't expecting it. If I ever need another USA shipping proxy I'll likely use this again.
Re: Great Service, good communcation
August 13, 2015 09:15AM
Yes it is defiantly a good idea to choose some of the optional insurance to cover damage in transit. Carolina does recommend this to everyone, but she does understand that not everybody wants to pay the extra cost and are happy to take the risk that nothing goes wrong.
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