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Good service thumbs up ... and recommendations for you

Posted by lclclc 
Good service thumbs up ... and recommendations for you
September 30, 2014 10:46PM
I have ordered from PriceUSA since several years ago and I have always received the order. I haven't been sent wrong products ever.

Additionally I think that now there is better customer service than before.

This time I used the cheapest shipping to Australia (First Class) and it took 4 weeks to arrive. But it could be stressful because it doesn't have tracking so you don't know when it is going to arrive.

The only inconvenients have been:

[*] That sometimes I don't receive one item because it was out of stock and I was not contacted about it. This is not PriceUSA fault, they say in the quote:


Please note that if you are ordering 5 or more items and 80% or more are in stock, my USA partner will place your order and refund you for any out of stock items unless you supply alternatives or explicitly indicate that you wish to be contacted if anything is out of stock.

I just forget to supply alternatives.

[*] In a previous order I bought some clothes and removed their tags and then tried them on me and noticed that they were the wrong size so I wanted to send them back to be changed but I was told that the clothes need to have their tags attached to be changed. So that is a recommendation for you: Don't remove the tags before trying clothes on. This isn't PriceUSA fault. Another recommendation for you: Pay much attention to the measurements of the clothes so that you can imagine if they will fit on you or not.

[*] In general, ordering is stressful, not because of PriceUSA fault but because there are too many things to consider, to many things to think.

[*] Before ordering, always ask yourself: am I really saving money buying in this way ? You need to do the maths, that is what it is stressful ordering, you need to factor many things in your decision.


It is good to buy things when they are heavily discounted in USA, but I think that, years before, it was easier to find when they were heavily discounted, maybe because the USA shops already know now that persons in Australia buy in this way. I mean: for example in USA at the end of summer they used to put clothes with a lot of discounts, I haven't seen so much discount this time.
Re: Good service thumbs up ... and recommendations for you
October 11, 2014 07:51AM
Lots of good points here to consider when ordering.

The discounts vary, but I think that the reason we are not seeing the greater discounts at the end of season is the economy in the USA has improved. For a while the stores had a really hard time, but as the economy has picked in in the USA the stores don’t need to discount as much as before.

One really big thing to consider other than price is availability. We get lot of orders for items that are not cheap, but because they are just not available in Australia. Things like shoes in unusual sizes, or clothes out of the normal 8, 10, 12, 14 sizes.

Carolina Tillett
Price USA Support
Re: Good service thumbs up ... and recommendations for you
December 01, 2014 03:02PM
Well, this will be taken into consideration when ordering something. Its good to know that their services are very fast. I am also thinking to order some mens dress shoes online.

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