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Detailed Inspection Service Changes

Posted by Carolina 
Detailed Inspection Service Changes
May 12, 2013 10:27PM
As is explained on my FAQ page it is very difficult for my US partners to know if the store has sent the correct item(s) or not. They do make a basic inspection of the items, but because of the huge range of orders we get it is impossible to know if all items received are complete and correct. Because of this we are not able to guarantee that your order is complete and correct unless you choose the optional detailed inspection service. While we have offered the detailed inspection service for sometime now and it works very well, the problem seems to be that many people do not realise that it exists and so don't choose it.

To solve this problem I have decided to make the inspection service an "opt out" rather than "opt in" service for orders that I think will be complex, expensive, and/or difficult for my US partners to detect problems when doing a basic inspection. You will still have the option to remove the detailed inspection service if you wish, but you will need to let me know that don't want it and that you want to take the risk that the store might make a mistake.
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