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First Class (Economy) Mail Changes

Posted by Carolina 
First Class (Economy) Mail Changes
October 27, 2012 08:27AM
Due to the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) there are some major changes to what can now be shipped economy shipping as of Nov 1:

1. Perfume and nail polish can't be shipped anymore.

2. Every package now requires a detailed report of the contents along with another 41 other separate pieces of useless information be sent to the DHS. Doing this significantly increases the amount of work that my US partners need to do for all economy shipping packages.

After a great deal of discussion my US partners feel that the increase in work requires that they increase their handling fee for first class economy shipments by $2.50 per package to cover all the extra work that they now have to do. The good news is that economy shipping is still great value, just a little more expensive. We hope you understand that we are not happy about this, but that my US partners must comply with DHS regulations.
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