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Removing the special Offers from the Kindle Paperwhite

Posted by Carolina 
Removing the special Offers from the Kindle Paperwhite
October 13, 2012 02:52PM
Currently due to the limit per customer set by Amazon my US partner is only able to purchase the Kindle paperwhites WiFi or 3G WITH Special Offers.

The GREAT news is that you CAN REMOVE the special offers from your Kindle paperwhite if you decide you don't like having them. You need to go to Manage Your Kindle option in your account and pay $20. The process is as follows:

Unsubscribe from Special Offers
Unsubscribe from special offers on your Kindle Paperwhite through the Manage Your Kindle. When you unsubscribe from special offers, your account is charged for the difference you would have paid for a Kindle Paperwhite model without special offers.

1. Visit Manage your Kindle
2. From Manage your Devices, locate your Kindle Paperwhite.
3. Click the plus icon to display more information.
4. Click Unsubscribe Special Offers to discontinue seeing special offers and Sponsored Screensavers on your Kindle Paperwhite Home screen and screensaver.
5. Connect your Kindle Paperwhite wirelessly to complete the process of disabling special offers on your device. You'll receive an e-mail notification that will confirm your payment for unsubscribing from special offers.

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Re: Removing the special Offers from the Kindle Paperwhite
February 14, 2013 10:27PM
An alternative I have heard may work is to contact Amazon directly and say you are having trouble removing the special offers. If you are nice the Amazon rep will often do this for you for free.
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