Where to buy the best priced wheels in Australia

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So you’re looking for the best-priced wheels in Australia, I know the feeling. You want nice looking affordable new, or second-hand alloy wheels for your car or SUV, but like most, you can’t find what you are after at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, finding cheap wheels online is hard work, especially with all the fly-by-night operators out there.


Take advantage of our extensive experience within this industry to source your next set of 4 Alloy Wheels at an unbeatable price that not only meets your needs but also fits into your budget. Many of these products will be stocked locally and ready to ship immediately to your location nationwide. This means no more waiting weeks for product availability; you’ll receive it within days.


You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly we can get you the wheels you need at a price that will save you more than $100’s dollars versus what your local wheel dealer would charge.

Designer Car alloy Wheels Australia – We have over 10 Years of experience in supplying new and second-hand alloy wheels to our thousands of pleased customers all around Australia, we know what we do, and we do it well.


We work with some substantial car dealers across Australia, and many of them trust us, so for once, you can too. All our prices are wholesale direct from the distributors or manufacturer. There is no middle man involved here, which means you won’t find these cheaper anywhere else in Australia on most products we sell! Some examples of these brands include Nissan Alloy Wheels, Audi Alloy wheels, Holden Alloy Wheels, Mitsubishi alloy wheels, BMW alloy wheels, HSV alloy wheels, and many more.


We are determined to be the best-priced supplier in Australia, so please feel free to check out our products listed on this page for special deals. Our product range is constantly expanding with new deals on new products added every week, so come back soon to see what’s on offer!

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