What Is a Dry Herb Vape

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A vape is like an E-Cigarette or a Juul. These use batteries that start heating a type of liquid that is then inhaled by the person using the vape. This liquid contains nicotine uprooted from the tobacco, flavoring agents, and propylene glycol. A vape is generally used for smoking cannabis. But a dry herb vape is a little different than the concentrate vapes. Here is an article that will help you know more about dry herb vapes.


Dry Herb Vape


Dry herb vapes are a little different from concentrate vapes. Dry herb vapes are created to be used only with herbs. This will help you get the real feel of smoking cannabis without any impurities. Dry herb vaporizer is able to vaporize only unprocessed plant matter and flowers and nothing else. Other vaporizers can vaporize other concentrates like oxygen extract, crumbles, wax, and other elements.


The dry herb vape will start heating the cannabis flowers that are dry and create a vapor. This vapor generally holds the flowers and plant extracts. In this vape, you insert the natural dry flowers and not any type of oil. So the user when inhaling the vapor can understand the difference between both a dry herb vaporizer and a concentrate vaporizer.

Benefits Of Using Dry Herb Vapes


Here are the benefits of using a dry herb vape.


  • Good Taste: The cannabis flowers are being vaped and not burnt in a dry herb vaporizer. So you get a better taste and not a burnt taste. It is a lot smoother and is not hard on your throat.
  • Portable: A dry herb vape is small and is extremely easy to carry around. You can carry it in your pocket or your bag and vape on the go.
  • Less Smoke: It makes smaller smoke clouds and does not blow out a very strong aroma. It is good to be used in public or outside the home.
  • Low Smell: The smell of cannabis is not very prominent when using a vape. The smell is difficult to track or detect. And has comparatively less smell than smoking.



A dry herb vape is healthy and easy to use a vaporizer. It is user-friendly and gives you the true taste of the cannabis you are inhaling or consuming. With a dry herb vape, you can enjoy the high of consuming without any negative effects or health issues as it is a completely pure plant matter you are consuming.

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