What Is Consumer Financing?

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Consumer financing is the term referred to when a business provides different scopes of financing to their valued consumers taking help from a finance company of a good repute. The process allows the potential consumers to pay for a service or good they couldn’t have otherwise paid for upfront either through credit card or cash. People in Australia tend to look for consumer finance at Wingate whenever they are in need of personal finance.

What exactly is Wingate Consumer Finance?

One of the leading and popular nonbanking personal loan specialist is undoubtedly the Wingate Consumer Finance. The company is trading under the brands, MacCredit and Now Finance. Wingate has managed to develop a unique art technology platform, provides a differentiated product, and designed many distribution channels.

Because of this, it has allowed the company to grow its market shares successfully. Also, while doing so, it developed a diversified portfolio of consumer loans of the highest quality. Both the secured and unsecured individual loan products are disbursed through a network of more than three thousand accredited finance brokers.

The personal loan products are distributed to consumers through their online portal and the consumer care center based in Australia.

What are the salient features of Wingate Consumer Finance?

The reputation of good companies lies in the successful implementation of their business goals. And, Wingate Consumer Finance is no different. The company’s success can be attributed to the development and implementation of its state of art business platform. These features include the following.

  • Technology-driven innovation that enables operational effectiveness alongside superior consumer service and experience
  • Easy and simple product design, which helps you to understand the different parameters of loans in a better way
  • Strong management abilities and risk assessment abilities that are crucial for any kind of high-quality personal loan service
  • Robust compliance culture and the action of overseeing something right from the beginning
  • A measurable grade funding model that has surfaced to make sure that the funding costs can be optimized and targeted growth could be achieved
  • The management team with vast experience have been able to guide its development and helped to execute a compelling growth strategy for the company

Wingate Group: An overview

Wingate is an investment and advisory group that puts money in a variety of assets that includes global entities, property, private equity, consumer finance, and asset finance. The company tends to invest along with a number of other co-investors on deal-basis, which means the total investment is not limited to the funds under the company’s management.

So far as property is concerned, Wingate gives equity, both mezzanine and senior financing to property developers and owners. In private equity, Wingate seeks businesses based out of Australia with strong management teams, competitive advantages, and growth potential.

Wingate favors a different kind of companies such as Food and Beverages, Health and Wellbeing, Education and Financial Services. In global equities, the company invests in global listed equities stocks. In consumer finance, Wingate lends nonbanking personal loans.


Consumer finance helps both consumers and businesses. And, there is no question that Wingate Consumer Finance is the best non-bank individual loan specialist in Australia.

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