What Are Hot-Rolled Steel Flat Bars

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When a piece of steel is rolled at high temperature to make a flat bar then it is known as a hot rolled steel flat bar.


Usage of hot-rolled flat bars


The hot-rolled flat bars of steel can be used perfectly for several applications including open die forging and close die forging etc. The bars ranging from 16 mm to 125 mm thickness can also be used in various industrial and structural applications. These bars are manufactured in different sizes and grades for exporting to other countries. India is exporting these bars to Italy, Germany, UK, Poland, and various European countries at very reasonable prices. Along with flat bars, hot rolled bars are also manufactured in various other shapes like square, hexagonal and round, etc.


Hot rolled steel bars can be used like other hot rolled products n the construction and welding industry to make steel beams and tracks for railroads etc. They can also be used at locations where precise tolerance and shapes are not necessary.

Process of making hot rolled steel bars


The process of making hot rolled steel flat bars includes rolling steel at a typically high temperature that can be up to over 1700 degrees F. It is the recrystallization temperature of the steel. Steel can be converted into any form or shape and in any size small or large when it is heated above its re-crystallization temperatures.

The price of hot rolled steel is cheaper than the steel rolled cold as the process of manufacturing hot rolled steel flat bar cannot be delayed otherwise you will have to reheat the steel again and again. On the other hand, no reheating is required for manufacturing cold-rolled steel bars. However, the shape and size of the finished hot rolled steel flat bars cannot be controlled as they will slightly shrink after cooling down later on.


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