Pawpedics pet bed review

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Many people in Australia have a pet dog beds or cat who helps them relax after a hard day at work. The pet dog will also add to the security of the house. So the pet owner would like to ensure that his pet is comfortable all the time, especially at night. In case the pet bed is not comfortable the dog may not sleep well or may try to get into the bed of the pet owner. Hence the pet owner is looking for a comfortable well designed bed. Many pet owners who have seen advertisements or heard about the pet beds from pawpedics would like to read a pawpedics review before taking a decision.



Since the dogs, cats and other pets have different sizes, to ensure a proper fit, pawpedics is having pet beds in different dimensions. For a proper fit the length of the pet from head to toe should be measured. There are five sizes of beds ranging from extra small , with length 60 cm to extra large of length 150 cm. The other sizes of pet beds from pawpedics are small – 80 cm, medium – 100 cm and large 120 cm. Since some families have more than one dog, more than one dog can share a bed of a larger size, if there is no conflict between the pets



The pet bed consists of multiple layers for greater comfort of the pet. The base of the bed uses 10 cm thick memory foam, and for larger sizes like XL the thickness will increase to 15 cm. The next layer which is 3 cm thick consists of a cooling gel memory foam, which ensures that the pet remains cool under all weather conditions and also changes according to the shape of the body.The final topmost layer consists of 3 cm of natural latex, which neutralizes the odor. This natural latex layer is expensive, since it is very luxurious, reducing the pressure on the body of the pet.



The bed has a rubber base to prevent slippage. To prevent damage to the bed, the bed is covered with multiple bed covers. The outer bed cover is soft to touch, machine washable, will not be affected by dust, hair, and is not easily scratched. The inner bed cover is waterproof and anti-microbial. Most dogs will take some time to get used to the pet bed. It is especially highly recommended for older dogs who are suffering from arthritis or similar joint problems. Dogs who sleep on the bed are less likely to feel stiff or sore . Pet owners who have purchased a bed are extremely happy with the quality and design of the bed.


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