Shipping Snowboards and Skis via USPS

April 23rd, 2008

I have been getting a lot of enquires about ordering skis and snowboards from the USA. Snowboards and skis are technically too long to ship via USPS, but lots of companies in the USA seems to be shipping them to Australia using USPS. My USA partner has recently started taking orders for snowboards and skis because of this, but so far he has yet to have any ship to Australia so I can’t tell you if it will work. The risk is the USPS depot in San Francisco will send the package back to my partner. While we don’t think this is likely, it is a risk. If you want to take the risk then you can place an order, or you can wait until I have some more news.

The cost of USPS shipping for a single snowboard is around US$110 and around $75 for a pair of skis. There is no problem ordering other ski gear like boots, jackets, pants, gloves.


My USA partner tried shipping the skis via USPS and they got blocked at the San Francisco depot and sent back to my agent. My partner now has a high volume UPS account set up so he can now ship skis and snowboards and the cost should be around $100 to $120 to ship. Interestingly, the cost of shipping two skis or snowboards is not that much more at around $120 to $150.

Update 2:

My partner has moved to FedEx – apparently they have a better to deal with. The cost are around the same as UPS. One thing FedEx does offer is very high discounts if the volumes are high so if everyone ordered a lot of large items then the cost would really come down.

Update 3:

Snowboards tend to cost around US$70 to $90 to ship. Skis seems to be larger and cost around US$100 to US$120. The difference depends on the size and weight.

Update 4:

This is a very old post so please don’t rely on any of the numbers quoted here to work out the shipping weight of snow gear. Use the order form or the shipping cost calculator to work this out. As a hint snowboards tend to be around 25 lbs volumetric weight, but because of their length attract an extra surcharge from UPS.

Update 5:

I am amazed that people still read this post as it is so old. Yes we still ship snowboards and skis. Just fill out the order form and we will send you a quote.

34 responses

  1. Nelson Chang comments:


    any news or updates on shipping snowboards to Australia?

  2. Jake comments:


    I would also like to know if theres any news on this for snowboards as well.


  3. Carolina comments:

    My agent did try shipping them via USPS and they got blocked at the depot so it looks like this is not a viable option.

    On a more positive note my agent has been able to set up a high volume account with UPS that will mean that we will be able to ship boards and skis at around the same price as express postage (in the range of $$80 to $140). This should be up and running when my agent gets back from his holiday.


  4. Dave Carney comments:

    Hi Carolina,

    I have a pair of skis in California that I would like to ship to Melbourne. Would love to take advantage of your discount shipping rates. Please advise!

    Cheers, Dave

  5. Carolina comments:

    Hi Dave

    As soon as my agent has the final details sorted out then I will be making an announcement.


  6. Robin comments:


    im also looking to get a snowboard from cali over to australia. any idea of the likelihood of you guys being able to do it, or has anyone else found another way?


  7. Dave Carney comments:

    Hi Carolina

    Any word yet as I still have the skis waiting for a cost effective delivery model.

    Cheers, Dave

  8. Will comments:

    Any news on this. Will need to send 2xskis & Boots to AUS in April.

  9. Carolina comments:

    Yes Will – take a look at my latest post. 2 skis and booys are likely to cost in the range of US$160 to US$200 to ship

  10. Jeremy comments:

    Hi there, i was just wondering where you guys are located as I live in Australia and i am desperate to get a snwoboard shipped over here and is only possible if i organise the shipping.
    – Jeremy

  11. Jeremy comments:

    hello again please ignore my last message i only just realised you guys are located over here 🙂
    Is it possible to order an item privately or do you have to order it through a shop? I ask this as i am trying to purchase an item off a forum site and have been in contact with the seller and have been told that he will glady ship to Australia if i can organise it.
    thankyou 🙂

  12. Chad comments:

    I need to ship 2 snow board to Oz…..any help? Chad

  13. aramis comments:

    just want to check how much to ship 2 snowboards and 2 pairs of blindings to Sydney, would it be cheaper if i ship 3? but am i gonna be charged on the income tax if i ship 3? cos the package will be like USD 1500

  14. Carolina comments:

    I think you mean are you going to be charged GST. The answer is yes if your order is over A$1000.

  15. aramis comments:

    thanks Carolina~

    do u have an idea of how much to ship 2 snowboards and 2 pairs of blindings to Sydney?

  16. ronald comments:

    when u say the order over A$1000, is that including shipping cost?

  17. Alison comments:

    hi there,

    im looking at buying a snowboard from an online store in the US that doesnt ship to australia.
    how can i use this system??

  18. James comments:

    I’ve got the same question as Alison – looking to purchase a snowboard from a few web stores in the US but not having any luck for postage to Australia… specifically for Burton products. Any help?

    And I’m also curious about the answer to Ronald’s question re: A$1000 limit before having to pay GST… does it include shipping?

  19. Carolina comments:

    Yes you can order snowboards via me. They all have to come via FedEx, but the cost is not that bad.

  20. Carolina comments:

    The A$1000 limit only applies to the value of the item not shipping. This is a recent change customs has made.

  21. Edward comments:

    Hi I was just wondering if you where still sending skis to Australia and if so is it still the same price

  22. Carolina comments:

    Yes my USA partners can still ship skis and snowboards to Australia. Yes the price is still approximately the same.


  23. Ben comments:

    Hi I have a snowboard and bindings that I bought in the US and want to ship-UPS quotes $350 for the board alone..
    Gear is located in MA.
    Any help?

  24. Carolina comments:

    Hi Ben

    Unfortunately my USA partner only ships items that they have bought. The reason for this is there are strict legal issues in regards shipping items on behalf of someone else that they are not set up to deal with.

  25. Steve comments:

    Hi Carolina

    i am wanting to purchse , snowboard boots gloves jacket and pants. i would be buying a snowboard bag also to put everything in it. So it can get posted in one thing not seprate. Could you let me know how much it would cost and if you could help me?

  26. Adam comments:


    Im wanting to get a forum youngblood 2009 snowboard what would be the total costing including postage???

    Cheers Adam

  27. Carolina comments:

    Hi Adam

    This is a question best asked on my forum.

  28. Carolina comments:

    This is a question best asked on my forum.

  29. Mutlu Basdas comments:

    Are you only shipping to Australia?

  30. Carolina comments:

    No we ship to most countries.

  31. Mutlu Basdas comments:

    What about Turkey?

  32. Casey comments:

    Hi just wondering how much it would cost sending snowboard ‘ snowboard boots ‘ bindings ‘ jacket ‘ pants and gloves and a board bag

  33. phil comments:

    hi i am interested in purchasing an arbor coda board in last years model. i am really struggling to source the board i want, it seems my only option is to order from the u.s but most sites wont post to the eu….. can you help ?

  34. Carolina comments:

    Hi Phil

    Yes we can – just fill in my order form and we will send you a quote.

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