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April 23rd, 2008

I have had quite a few enquires about ordering from ebay. This is something that my USA partners will do, but the process is a little different to ordering at a normal online store.

  1. They won’t order from all sellers – basically the seller has to be reliable. They reserve the right to not order from any ebay seller if they have any doubts about them.
  2. If it is an ebay auction you need to give at least 48 hours notice. This is so my USA partner has time to place a bid as well as give you time to make payment.
  3. With ebay auctions you fill in my order form the same as any other order except that the value you put in the price field is the maximum that you are willing to bid to on the item. My USA partners will then bid up to this level. If they are able to buy it for less then you will be refunded the saving.
  4. If the auction exceeds your maximum bid, or if the item sells before my partner can bid (ie a buy it now sale), then you will be refunded minus a $A10 fee. This covers the cost to both me and my USA partner of going through the ordering process.

In general, buying from ebay is only worthwhile if the item is expensive or unique. For most other items you can purchase the same item from a normal online store for less.


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  1. Jessica comments:


    I’m looking to purchase a snowboard from Ebay in the States & want it shipped back to Sydney. Can you advise how much this would cost?

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