Is It Hard To Install Blinds

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Blinds on your window will offer you privacy and will also provide you with cooler temperatures inside the room. In case you have purchased a house recently that does not have any window covering, you might like to install blinds so as to maintain your privacy. Now, the question might arise in your mind “is it hard to install blinds”. The answer to this question will be that installing venetian blinds on your own is a comparatively simple project which can be performed within a few hours only. There is no need to poke unwanted holes or end up with some awkward-looking and crooked blind.

Below, we have mentioned how easy it is to install blinds yourself without any external help whatsoever.


1. Decide whether the blinds should be installed outside or inside of the window frame


Even though mounting the blinds inside the frame of the window will appear to be cleaner, you need to be more accurate with the measurements. Monitoring them outside the window frame will provide you with more flexibility on what kind of window covering is chosen by you.


2. Select the blind type which will be appropriate for your space


You’ll come across various types of blinds on the market, and every single of them come with different benefits of their own.


3. Measure the windows before purchasing the blinds


Ensure to measure the windows which you want to cover before purchasing the blinds. While using your blinds, make sure that the width is going to fit the window frame properly.


4. Installing the blinds


After making the measurement and purchasing the blinds, you need to install them. For this, you will require a screwdriver, a level, and a pencil.


• Mark the spot where the mounting brackets are going to be fixed. Use the pencil for marking where you are going to screw in the brackets.


• Following this, the mounting brackets have to be screwed into place. After marking the spots, it is time for you to screw the brackets in. This step can be made simpler by drilling pilot holes in case it is suggested by the manufacturer.


• Attach your blinds. After installing the brackets, you have to place the headrail of the blind into the mounting brackets which will help them to become secure into position.


• Lastly, you need to attach the wand of the blind to the designated hook. Following this, the decorative valance has to be installed in case it was included along with the set.


That’s all. It is as simple as that! Thus it is evident from the above discussion that installing venetian blinds is not difficult at all and it can be done by you easily on your own.


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