What is Return Insurance?

Return insurance (protection) provides coverage of the shipping costs involved in making a warranty repair any time during the manufacturer's warranty period. This includes the cost of shipping from Australia (or your country) to the USA using an equivalent method to that used for your order, all shipping within the USA, and the return shipping cost to Australia (or your country). Excluded from return insurance are extended warranties, non-manufacturers extended warranties (e.g. store warranties), or items with "lifetime" or 10+ year warranties. These "warranties" are not really warranties, but are "trick" warranties that are paid for out of the excessive shipping charged by the company.

Return insurance is optional, but it must be purchased before the item is shipped to your country. The cost of return insurance is 20% of the total shipping costs.

If you have purchased return insurance and need to use it please before shipping your item back to the USA as my US partners may need to arrange for UPS (courier) to pick up of your item. You will need to ship any items back via an equivalent method to that which your order was shipped from the USA. For example, if your package was shipped by mail (economy) then you will need to ship it back by air mail. If you wish you can upgrade the return shipping by paying the difference between what the return insurance covers and what it costs to ship via a faster method.

Return insurance may not be offered on some items, particular on items that are impossible to return and/or are refurbished/used. If return insurance is not offered on your order you will be informed in the quote.

One important point to note is the return of items containing lithium batteries. AusPost and some other postal authorities will not accept items with lithium batteries (yes we know this is totally stupid and against the international regulations, but it is something we don't have any control over).

This means that if your item was shipped to Australia (or your country) via mail then it is not possible to return the item back to the USA via the postal system. Under these circumstances you will need to ship the item back via a courier service (UPS, DHL, FedEx) and you will be responsible for the difference in shipping cost. For example, if an item would cost $40 to ship to the USA via AusPost (if it did not contain a lithium battery), but $65 via courier, and your order was shipped to you originally by first class or priority mail (economy), then the return insurance will cover the first $40 of the shipping cost and you will need to pay the extra $25. Of course if your lithium battery containing item was shipped to you via UPS then the total cost of the return shipping is covered by the return insurance. You may want to keep this this in mind when choosing a shipping method.