What is Delivery Insurance?

This is a non-optional insurance (protection) that guarantees that your package arrives. It does not guarantee that your items will be correctly shipped by the store, arrive in a working state, and/or be undamaged.

If your order was shipped express (UPS or UPS Fast) and it has not arrived within 2 weeks please get in contact with us. If your order has been shipped economy (USPS First Class or Priority) and it has not arrived with 4 weeks then please get in contact with us. If your order is declared as lost (4 weeks for express and 8 weeks for economy) then a replacement order will be made and shipped to you.

To ensure the correct items are shipped by the store please choose the detailed inspection service. To ensure your items are insured against damage during shipping then please choose the optional damage insurance. To obtain coverage for the shipping cost involved in making a warranty claim then please choose our return insurance.