What is Damage Insurance?

Damage insurance provide replacement or repair coverage if your items are damaged during shipping. Unfortunately neither USPS or AusPost provide any guarantee that your items will arrive undamaged. While orders shipped via UPS are insured for damage in transit by UPS, their insurance policy specifically excludes easily breakable items like glass. My US partners now offers an optional insurance to cover damage in transit. With easily breakable items the breakable repacking will also need to be requested.

My US partners may decline to provide damage insurance on some items, however if they do we will let you know in your quote. If you do not purchase damage insurance your items are not insured for any damage that may occur during shipping.

If you have purchased damage insurance and your order arrives damaged than a replacement order will be shipped to you. You may be required to take photos of the damage and packaging and to ship the damaged item(s) to Price USA or their US partners at our expense. In cases where the items can not be replaced you may be offered credit and/or a refund up to the total cost of your order at the discretion of the US partners of Price USA. Damage insurance must be purchased before shipment of your order to your country.