Visual Guide to Ordering

The Price USA order form collects the all information we need to give you a quote. While it might seem complex, it is as simple as we can make it. If you leave out any of the essential information it will delay us giving you a quote. To help you fill in the form correctly we have created this visual step-by-step guide to ordering. We also encourage everyone to read the news post Shipping 101: A guide for the perplexed as it has lots of helpful advice on how to minimise the shipping cost of orders.

New. I have created a bookmarklet that makes it much easier to add the links and other information to my order form. I encourage everyone to use it. You can find the Price USA Shopping List Bookmarklet on my FAQ page. I have also written a guide on how to add the bookmarklet from an iPhone or iPad.

To read the visual ordering guide click on the Step 1 button below.

Step 1. Estimate the Shipping Costs