What is the Price USA Shopping List Button?

The Price USA Shopping List Button [p•add] is a javascript bookmarklet that lets you easily add the things you want to buy to the Price USA Order Form when browsing on any site. To use it, just drag the gray button below onto your browser toolbar (it works with Firefox, Safari and Chrome). When you next see something you want to buy on another website just click on the p•add bookmark in the toolbar. A small window will pop-up that you fill in the details like colour and size. When you next visit the Price USA Order Form all the item(s) you have added using p•add will be automatically put into the order form like magic.

p•addDrag this button to your browser toolbar p.add     


Items you add using the p•add bookmarklet will be stored on your computer for a week. Don't worry if you add a wrong item as you can delete any items you don't want when you next visit the Price USA order form.

It is a bit more complex to add bookmarklets to mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. The simplest way is to just install the p•add bookmarklet using Firefox or Safari on your computer and then synchronize your iPhone or iPad using iTunes. I have also written a guide on how to add the bookmarklet from an iPhone or iPad if you want to add the bookmarklet directly from your mobile device.

What fees do you charge for ordering from the USA?

None. Please see the Price USA cost page for more information for the costs involved in using the Price USA service.

How do I place an order?

Fill in the standard order form or the simple order form and tell us what you want to buy, or click on a quick quote button. We do the rest. If you get lost have a look at the visual step-by-step help guide.

How can I order iTunes Codes?

The simplest way is to visit my iTunes page and click on one of the buttons.

Can I order myself and have you ship my item for me?

Yes, but it is very complicated and so I recommend using our standard purchasing service. The rules for providing a mail forwarding service are very complex and require that we collect from you TWO notarised copies of USPS Form 1583. You will need to visit a notarising agent in person (you can find a list of notary agents in Australia here), pay around $100, and then you will need to post copies of all your identification documentation to me. Unfortunately justices of the peace will not do (USPS regulations - yes we have ask) so you most likely need to travel some distance find a notarising agent. Once you have sent the completed documentation to me I will let you know the USA address where you can ship your items.

If this sounds like too much of a hassle, then you can use my normal service at no extra cost and with no paperwork. With our normal service my US partner purchases and ships the items to you. Since you are buying from my US partners the rules about mail forwarding don't apply. This approach also avoid problems with ordering from store that don't accept non-USA credit cards, or who won't ship to known mail forwarders. You retain the full US warranty on your items and you also have someone based in the USA to solve problems if they arise. Best of all the cost of using our standard service is the same or even less than most mail forwarders.

I don't live in Australia. Can I use your service?

Yes. Just fill in the order form with your non Australian address. The order form will adjust the costs for your country. The shipping costs quoted for non-Australia address will only be approximate except for economy shipping (first class and priority mail) which is the same worldwide.

What is the test address and credit card number?

If you need an fake USA address to workout what the shipping in the USA will be use the following test address. This is not where any of my USA partners live so don't ship items to this address!

1850 NE 92nd Ave
Portland OR 97220
ph. 541-870-1500

Test Visa Card: 4111 1111 1111 1111
Expiry 10/15, CVC 789

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

7 to 60 days depending on your chosen shipping option. Most orders arrive within 3 weeks.

Can I order from eBay?

Yes. Please see how eBay purchases work for more information.

How do I order NikeID Shoes?

See this post on how to order nikeid shoes.

How can I contact you?

You can email me at

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