What shipping method should I use?

The answer to this question depends on what is most important to you - price or speed. If speed is the most important requirement then choose express+tracking. If cost is more important then select economy. The economy option does not have tracking and is not available for orders over US$250.

Because of recent price rises by USPS, for most packages over 4 lbs (1.8 kg) it is normally cheaper to ship by express than economy shipping.

There is no sea mail to Australia from the USA, but for large orders sea freight is an option. It is not cheap than UPS for smaller items (less than 100 lbs), nor very fast (8 to 10 weeks). Please use my shipping cost calculator for the approximate cost of using sea freight.

My item is really large. Do you offer shipping by sea?

There is no sea mail to Australia from the USA, but we do offer sea freight. Because of the high base cost of sea freight it is not significantly cheaper for items under 110 lbs (50 kg). Sea freight uses the same volumetric weight formula as UPS (i.e. 139 cubic inches = 1 lb). Sea freight will normally take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive. My shipping cost calculator will provide you with an approximate cost of shipping by sea.

One difference with sea freight is it is shipped out of California, not Oregon. This can mean that your items may incur Californian sales tax unlike items shipped by my US partners from Oregon which does not have a state sales tax. My US partners have generally been able to claim back the Californian sales tax, but this can take a couple of month to come through. If they are able to claim the tax back they will refund it to you.

What are the USPS mail size limits?

The size limits are listed below. The girth + length size can be calculated by adding the two shortest lengths together (width + height) then multiplying by 2 then adding the length. In practice the maximum size that can be shipped is a box a little under 16 x 16 x 16 inches (40 cm).

USPS Express Mail International (express+tracking)

USPS Priority Mail International (economy+tracking)

USPS First Class Air Mail International (economy)

Because of the great volume discount my US partners get from UPS (courier) it is cheaper for nearly all items over 2 kg in weight.

UPS shipping sounds great. Are there any downsides?

UPS is faster and cheaper for almost all package greater than 2 kg. The only significant downside is that UPS charges on the basis of the greater of the actual weight or volumetric weight. The rule to calculate the volumetric weight is 139 cubic inches = 1 pound. For example, if your item weights 20 lbs, but has dimensions of 24" x 24" x 24" (13,824 cubic inches) then the shipping weight will be 100 lbs (13,824 / 139). I have a button on the right hand side of my order page (Shipping Cost Calculator) that will help you calculate the volumetric weight based on the box dimensions.

UPS charges additional fees (surcharge) for the following:

My shipping cost calculator takes these surcharges into account when estimating the shipping costs.

The one minor limitation with UPS shipping is that it UPS can't delivered to a PO Box or Parcel Locker. You will need to supply a physical address.

What are lbs (pounds) and " (inches)?

These are the American weight and length measurement. One pound (lbs) equals 0.45 kg and one inch (also written as '') is 2.5cm. Most USA companies will quote shipping sizes and dimensions in pounds and inches.

I don't know how much my item weighs? What should I do?

Don't panic :)

If you don't know the shipping weight just make a guess so that you can get a rough estimate of how much the order will cost to ship. I have a button on my order page that will help you calculate the shipping weight if you know the approximate size of your item. Don't worry if you estimate too high or low as it will not affect the actual shipping cost in anyway.

Good places to find the shipping weight of an item is amazon and walmart as they normally list the shipping weight for their products. Please keep in mind that this information is not always 100% accurate and that they may not have the correct shipping dimensions.

If you still have no idea of the weight then choose one of the "estimate shipping for me" options from the drop down list. It is always a good idea to provide the size of each item in the order details if you know or even have a rough idea as this will help us to give you the most accurate quote possible.

What happens if my order weighs more (or less) than estimated?

Please remember that the "shipping and handling to Australia" (or other country) provided in the quote is only an estimate. Unless someone has ordered exactly the same item before and it has been shipped to them then we do not know the exact size and weight. Because of this limitation you are only charged on the basis of what the order actually weighs (either actual or volumetric), not on what was estimated. This means it does not really matter what the shipping estimate is except to provide you with my best idea of what the final cost will be. You do not pay anything towards the shipping at the order stage and are later billed the actual shipping and handling costs based on the actual shipping weight.

If you have Fixed Price Quote then no matter what the shipping cost turns out to be your shipping price will not change. Because of this we can only offer fixed price quotes on items where we already know the shipping weight. If you would like us to give you a fixed price quote then select this option on the order page.

Can your US partners store my items?

My USA partners have very limited storage spaces so they cannot store your order indefinitely. If you fail to pay the final amount due then my USA partners will hold your item for 10 days before returning them to the store at your expense. If it is not possible to return the items to the original store then my USA partners will sell the items on eBay. You will be refunded any money my partners can recoup from returning or selling the items minus any costs they incur. This limitation does not apply to consolidated orders where my US partners are waiting for some item to arrive before shipping.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

This is difficult to estimate as it depends on a number of factors outside our control, such as how fast the store processes the order and the speed of the USA shipping. My US partner will normally place your order within 24 hours of us receiving your deposit payment and they will ships your goods the next business day after they arrive at their address. You can expect that most orders will take between 10 to 21 days except for sea freight which takes from 6 to 8 weeks. USA FREE OR GROUND SHIPPING CAN BE SLOW (up to 8 to 15 business days). If you are in a hurry the please select the fastest USA shipping and UPS (courier) for the shipping to Australia.

How quick are each of the different shipping alternatives?

These are the typical shipping times I have observed with each of the different shipping options over the last 12 months. USPS First Class Air Mail (economy) is the most variable and can on occasion take up to 8 weeks!

The most variable shipping time is for USA Ground (Free) Shipping. This is the shipping from the original store to my USA partner. Many stores seem to give a very low priority to free shipping orders so as to "encourage" you to pay the extra for their more expensive shipping. If you are in a hurry to get an item it may be worth paying for faster USA shipping. You can use the USA test address to workout how much this will cost.

My order was shipped to me but it hasn't arrive yet. What should I do?

Sometimes shipping take longer than it should. If your order was shipped by my USA partner by USPS Express, USPS Priority, or UPS (courier) more than 28 days ago then please . If your order was shipped by First Class Air Mail then please allow up to 8 weeks. Unfortunately if your order has been shipped by First Class Air Mail (economy) we are not able to find where it is as this class of mail does not have tracking. This is one of the major disadvantages to using economy shipping method.

I should mention that the tracking information provided by USPS is often inaccurate. If your order has supposedly been delivered then please contact your local post office ASAP. My experience is that in most case these "missing" or "delivered" packages are actually sitting at the post office collecting dust. You just need to quote your USPS tracking number and the staff should be able to help.

If you have provided the wrong or incomplete address this may cause your item to be returned to the USA, or in some case be destroyed by the post office. Not providing the business name for orders shipped to business addresses makes your address incomplete. Providing an incorrect or incomplete address voids your delivery insurance.

UPS will sometimes drop off your package at your local post office. If your UPS order has arrived and been signed for by someone you don't know then call UPS first but please check with your local post office to see if they have it. This tends to happen most frequently in regional areas where the delivery is handled by a UPS agent.

What happens if my items arrive damaged or not working?

Please contact me to arrange for return of the item. Please do not ship the item directly to me or my USA partner without first. This also applies if the wrong item has been shipped to you. If you have purchased the optional damage insurance then you are covered for damaged in transit.

If your order was shipped by UPS then it will be covered by UPS insurance. This insurance is different to our damage insurance and has a number of exclusions and implantations. Please contact both us and UPS about the damage and remember to keep the boxes since they may wish to inspect the boxes. UPS may refuse to honour their insurance if you do not keep the boxes. We don't have any control over UPS policies in regards their insurance so if you are concerned about coverage please purchase our damage insurance.

Can I have my fragile items packed to protect them during shipping?

Yes. My US partners can repack breakable items for an additional fee of US$5. This repacking service will minimize the risk of damage in transit, but unfortunately it can not guarantee that UPS or USPS won't damage your item. Because damage to your items in transit is not covered unless you have purchased the optional damage insurance you may wish to also purchase this insurance.

To request breakable repacking add this to the extra details box on the Price USA order form.

Can I have my items shipped to a different address?

Yes. To select a different shipping address please check the "ship to different address" box on the order form. This will displays the "shipping address" section allowing you to enter a different delivery address. If you are shipping to your work address it is critical that you include your company's name in the shipping address or else you will void your delivery insurance. My US partners will not ship to USA addresses.

Can you change the declared value of my order?

No as this is customs fraud. This also does not protect you from later charges by Australian Customs. They may send you a bill anytime in the next five years if your order was not accurately declare. While there are some companies out there that will do this for you, it is worth considering if you want to use the services of someone that is willing to commit fraud.

What Postcodes are consider remote by UPS?

This is a huge list (about 15% of all postcode in Australia). If your postcode is on the below list then it increase the shipping and handling cost for UPS by over US$30. If possible please use another address in a non-remote location.

886,2311,2312,2315,2319,2321,2325,2326,2327,2328,2329,2330,2331,2333,2334,2335,2336,2337,2338, 2339,2340,2341,2342,2343,2344,2345,2346,2347,2348,2350,2351,2352,2353,2354,2355,2356,2357,2358, 2359,2360,2361,2365,2369,2370,2371,2372,2379,2380,2381,2382,2386,2387,2388,2390,2395,2396,2397, 2398,2399,2400,2401,2402,2403,2404,2405,2406,2408,2409,2410,2411,2415,2420,2421,2422,2423,2424, 2425,2426,2427,2428,2429,2430,2431,2439,2440,2441,2442,2443,2444,2445,2446,2447,2448,2449,2450, 2452,2453,2454,2455,2456,2460,2462,2463,2464,2465,2466,2469,2470,2471,2472,2473,2474,2475,2476, 2477,2478,2479,2480,2481,2482,2483,2484,2487,2488,2489,2490,2535,2536,2537,2538,2539,2540,2541, 2545,2546,2548,2549,2550,2551,2575,2576,2577,2578,2579,2580,2581,2582,2583,2584,2585,2586,2587, 2588,2590,2594,2621,2622,2623,2624,2625,2626,2627,2628,2630,2631,2632,2633,2640,2641,2642,2643, 2644,2645,2646,2647,2648,2649,2650,2651,2652,2653,2655,2656,2658,2659,2660,2661,2663,2665,2666, 2668,2669,2671,2672,2675,2678,2680,2681,2700,2701,2702,2703,2705,2706,2707,2708,2710,2711,2712, 2713,2714,2715,2716,2717,2720,2721,2722,2725,2726,2727,2729,2730,2731,2732,2733,2734,2735,2736, 2737,2738,2739,2785,2786,2787,2790,2791,2792,2793,2794,2795,2797,2798,2799,2800,2803,2804,2805, 2806,2807,2809,2810,2820,2821,2823,2824,2825,2827,2828,2829,2830,2831,2832,2833,2834,2835,2836, 2839,2840,2842,2843,2844,2845,2846,2847,2848,2849,2850,2852,2864,2865,2866,2867,2868,2869,2870, 2871,2873,2874,2875,2876,2877,2878,2879,2880,2898,2899,3233,3236,3237,3238,3239,3242,3243,3249, 3250,3251,3254,3260,3264,3265,3266,3267,3268,3269,3270,3271,3272,3273,3274,3276,3277,3278,3279, 3280,3281,3282,3283,3284,3285,3286,3287,3289,3292,3293,3294,3300,3301,3302,3303,3304,3305,3309, 3310,3311,3312,3314,3315,3317,3318,3319,3323,3324,3325,3351,3353,3354,3360,3361,3371,3373,3375, 3377,3378,3379,3380,3381,3384,3385,3387,3388,3390,3391,3392,3393,3395,3396,3400,3401,3402,3407, 3409,3412,3413,3414,3415,3418,3419,3420,3423,3424,3464,3465,3467,3468,3469,3472,3475,3478,3480, 3482,3483,3485,3487,3488,3489,3490,3491,3494,3496,3498,3500,3501,3502,3505,3506,3507,3509,3512, 3515,3516,3517,3518,3520,3525,3527,3529,3530,3531,3533,3537,3540,3542,3544,3546,3549,3552,3554, 3556,3557,3558,3559,3561,3562,3563,3564,3565,3566,3567,3568,3570,3571,3572,3573,3575,3576,3579, 3580,3581,3583,3584,3585,3588,3589,3590,3591,3594,3595,3596,3597,3599,3610,3612,3614,3616,3617, 3618,3619,3620,3621,3622,3623,3624,3629,3630,3631,3632,3633,3634,3635,3636,3637,3638,3639,3640, 3641,3643,3644,3646,3647,3649,3661,3666,3669,3670,3671,3672,3673,3675,3676,3677,3678,3682,3683, 3685,3687,3688,3689,3690,3691,3694,3695,3697,3698,3699,3700,3701,3704,3705,3707,3708,3709,3722, 3723,3724,3725,3726,3727,3728,3730,3732,3733,3735,3736,3737,3738,3739,3740,3741,3744,3746,3747, 3749,3815,3823,3824,3825,3835,3840,3841,3842,3844,3847,3850,3851,3852,3853,3854,3856,3857,3858, 3859,3860,3862,3864,3865,3869,3870,3871,3873,3874,3875,3878,3880,3882,3885,3886,3887,3888,3889, 3890,3891,3892,3893,3895,3896,3898,3900,3902,3903,3904,3909,3951,3953,3954,3956,3957,3958,3959, 3960,3962,3964,3965,3966,3967,3971,3996,4183,4184,4307,4309,4310,4311,4312,4313,4340,4341,4342, 4343,4344,4345,4346,4347,4352,4353,4354,4355,4356,4357,4358,4359,4360,4361,4362,4363,4364,4365, 4370,4371,4372,4373,4374,4375,4376,4377,4378,4380,4381,4382,4383,4384,4385,4387,4388,4390,4400, 4401,4402,4403,4404,4405,4406,4407,4408,4410,4411,4412,4413,4415,4416,4417,4418,4419,4420,4421, 4422,4423,4424,4425,4426,4427,4428,4511,4512,4514,4515,4516,4517,4518,4519,4521,4550,4580,4581, 4600,4601,4605,4606,4608,4610,4611,4612,4613,4614,4615,4620,4621,4625,4626,4627,4630,4650,4655, 4659,4660,4662,4670,4671,4673,4674,4676,4677,4678,4680,4694,4695,4697,4699,4700,4701,4702,4703, 4704,4705,4706,4707,4709,4710,4711,4712,4713,4714,4715,4716,4717,4720,4723,4728,4736,4737,4738, 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5401,5410,5411,5412,5413,5414,5415,5416,5417,5418,5419,5420,5421,5422,5431,5432,5433,5434,5440, 5451,5452,5453,5454,5455,5460,5461,5462,5464,5470,5471,5472,5473,5480,5481,5482,5483,5485,5490, 5491,5493,5495,5501,5502,5510,5520,5521,5522,5523,5540,5550,5552,5554,5555,5556,5558,5560,5570, 5571,5572,5573,5575,5576,5577,5580,5581,5582,5583,5600,5601,5602,5603,5604,5605,5606,5607,5608, 5609,5630,5631,5632,5633,5640,5641,5642,5650,5651,5652,5653,5654,5655,5660,5661,5670,5671,5680, 5690,5700,5710,5720,5722,5723,5724,5725,5730,5731,5732,5733,5734,6069,6121,6122,6123,6124,6125, 6126,6207,6208,6213,6214,6215,6218,6220,6221,6223,6224,6225,6226,6227,6228,6229,6230,6231,6232, 6233,6236,6237,6239,6240,6243,6244,6251,6252,6253,6254,6255,6256,6258,6260,6262,6271,6275,6280, 6281,6282,6284,6285,6286,6288,6290,6302,6304,6306,6308,6309,6311,6312,6313,6315,6316,6317,6318, 6320,6321,6322,6323,6324,6326,6327,6328,6330,6331,6332,6333,6335,6336,6337,6338,6341,6343,6346, 6348,6350,6351,6352,6353,6355,6356,6357,6358,6359,6361,6363,6365,6367,6368,6369,6370,6372,6373, 6375,6383,6384,6386,6390,6391,6392,6393,6394,6395,6396,6397,6398,6401,6403,6405,6407,6409,6410, 6411,6412,6413,6414,6415,6418,6419,6420,6421,6422,6423,6424,6425,6426,6427,6428,6429,6430,6431, 6432,6433,6434,6436,6437,6438,6440,6442,6443,6445,6446,6447,6448,6450,6452,6460,6461,6462,6463, 6465,6466,6467,6468,6470,6472,6473,6475,6476,6477,6479,6480,6484,6485,6487,6488,6489,6490,6501, 6502,6503,6504,6505,6506,6507,6509,6510,6511,6512,6513,6514,6515,6516,6517,6518,6519,6521,6522, 6525,6528,6530,6531,6532,6535,6536,6537,6556,6558,6560,6562,6564,6566,6567,6568,6569,6571,6572, 6574,6575,6603,6605,6606,6608,6609,6612,6613,6614,6616,6620,6623,6625,6627,6628,6630,6631,6632, 6635,6638,6639,6640,6642,6646,6701,6705,6707,6710,6712,6713,6714,6716,6718,6720,6721,6722,6725, 6726,6728,6733,6740,6743,6751,6753,6754,6758,6760,6762,6765,6770,7020,7021,7022,7023,7024,7025, 7026,7027,7030,7054,7109,7112,7113,7116,7117,7119,7120,7139,7140,7150,7151,7155,7162,7163,7171, 7172,7173,7174,7175,7176,7177,7178,7179,7180,7182,7183,7184,7185,7186,7187,7190,7209,7210,7211, 7212,7213,7214,7215,7216,7252,7253,7254,7255,7256,7257,7258,7259,7260,7261,7262,7263,7264,7265, 7267,7268,7270,7275,7276,7277,7290,7291,7292,7300,7301,7302,7303,7304,7305,7306,7307,7310,7315, 7316,7320,7321,7322,7325,7330,7331,7467,7468,7469,7470