Different Types of AP Racing Brakes to Choose From in the Market

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Benefits of AP Racing Brakes


AP Racing brakes are a type of brake system that is used by automotive enthusiasts and racers alike. They offer superior stopping performance, improved pedal feel and feedback, as well as a much longer lifespan than other brake systems on the market. In this article, we will discuss the many benefits of AP Racing brakes and why they are the preferred choice for racing and performance applications.


The first benefit of AP racing brakes Australia is their superior stopping power. This type of brake system offers more stopping power than any other similar braking system on the market today. Their increased braking force allows drivers to get maximum braking performance with less effort, meaning they can stay safer while accelerating or cornering at high speeds. 

Another benefit of AP Racing brakes is their improved pedal feel and feedback. This type of brake system has been designed to provide drivers with better control over their vehicle’s braking behaviour, allowing them to make quick adjustments when needed in order to maintain speed or slow down quickly in an emergency situation. The higher sensitivity provided by these brakes makes it easier for drivers to apply just the right amount of pressure when needed, ensuring maximum safety while driving at high speeds or during aggressive manoeuvring on the track or street alike. 


Types of AP Racing Brakes


AP Racing brakes are a line of high-performance brake systems used in motorsport and other applications where superior braking is essential. AP Racing brakes have been used in everything from Formula 1 to the NASCAR circuit and are renowned for their reliability, strength, and performance. 


There are several types of AP Racing brakes available, each suited to different applications depending on the demands of the vehicle. 


  1. Disc Brakes: Disc brakes use either one or two discs that rotate with the wheel to create friction when applied by a calliper. The heat generated from this friction is dissipated via cooling fins on the disc, which increases their overall efficiency and lifespan. Disc brakes offer excellent stopping power without compromising on weight or size, making them ideal for most racing applications such as road course racing, rally cars, and single-seaters such as Formula One cars. 


  1. Drum Brakes: Drum brakes use an internal drum-like housing that contains two shoes which press against each other when activated by a piston inside the brake calliper to generate friction against the rotating drum surface. This type of brake is generally heavier than disc brakes but offers more rapid deceleration due to its higher mass inertia. Drum brakes are commonly found on oval-track stockcars due to their robustness.



In conclusion, AP Racing brakes are a great choice for anyone looking for superior braking performance. They offer superior durability and performance at an affordable price, making them one of the best brake systems on the market. With their unique design and materials, they provide an excellent balance between stopping power and lightweight construction. Whether you’re a racer or just want to upgrade your vehicle’s brakes, AP Racing brakes are a great option.

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