Converting a shed into a home office

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Due to the covid-19 pandemic a large number of people are working from home. Most homes do not have a provision for allowing multiple people to work or study from home at the same time. In some cases, the person has to work in the living room and has to pack all his gadgets after the work is over every day. In other cases, the person is disturbed while working at home due to noise. So people working from home are looking for a peaceful place where they will not be disturbed. If they have space around their house, they will sometimes ask the question, can a shed become a work from home office?  Check out Garage Wholesalers for Australia’s best shed prices.

Existing or new shed

If the family already has an existing shed in the property, usually only some renovation is sufficient so that it can be used for working from home. In case, there is no shed in the property, the property owner can choose to construct a shed or purchase a prefab shed. Constructing a shed with foundations is usually more expensive, and in some cases, permissions will have to be taken from the local authorities. Additionally taxes may have to be paid. The cost of the prefab shed is lower, and installation is also faster. However, it may not be durable or add to property value.


In case a new shed has to be used for working from home, it is advisable to design the shed properly. Depending on the number of members of the family who are working or studying from home, the shed should be designed so that it is large enough. Almost everyone will require a computer or laptop so they should have a table which is large enough, with a suitable chair. Space will be also required for additional furniture and keeping other items based on the requirement of the users. The final design will also depend on the size of the property where the shed is located.

Renovation and utilities

In case the property has an existing shed which is mainly used for storing gardening supplies, tools or existing items, some renovation will be required so that it can be used as an office. Usually most storage sheds do not have any electric or water supply. So while water can be transported in bottles or large jars for drinking, since computers are used proper electric supply will be required. Usually if the shed is located close to the house, a short term solution for power supply using extension cables is possible. However, hiring an electrician for proper wiring is advisable for a reliable permanent power supply.

Additionally since the computer hardware and other expensive electronic gadgets are kept in the shed, it is important to ensure that the house is waterproof and properly insulated to prevent leakage. So both the existing or new shed should be checked thoroughly to prevent water leakage. If the shed will be also used during winter, when temperatures are low, the shed should have proper heating and insulation to prevent heat loss, for greater comfort while using the shed. The shed should also have proper lighting, making proper use of natural light sources.

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