Choosing a Candle Snuffer

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Candles have been used for many centuries for illumination when there is no electricity. They are also used in places of worship for lighting. In homes, they are used for decor and in places where a flame is required like for fireworks. While it is possible to put off the candle when it is not required by blowing the flame, this may not always be effective. So in places where a large number of candles are lit, or homes where candles are used for decor, it is advisable to use a candle snuffer. People who are not familiar with the term ask what is a candle snuffer so that they can choose a suitable snuffer.


When the candle is no longer required for lighting a place, the user will want to extinguish it to avoid wasting the candle. The most effective way to extinguish the flame is by cutting off the oxygen supply to the flame. The candle snuffer has a small cone or bell shaped structure at the tip, which is used to cover the flame, and cut off the oxygen supply. It also has a rod like a handle which the user will hold in his hand while extinguishing the candle. The snuffer is particularly useful for extinguishing the candles which are placed at a height or hard to reach places.


One of the considerations while selecting the snuffer is the size of the candles which have to be extinguished. For larger sized candles, a small snuffer will not be large enough to cover the entire flame and extinguish it. In a similar manner if the candle snuffer is too large in size, it may not cover the flame properly to cut off the oxygen supply, so the candle will continue burning. The handle of the snuffer should be long enough so that it can reach places that are some distance away. It is better to use a snuffer whose handle is designed for a comfortably holding in the hand.


The candle snuffers have been used for many centuries in churches and elsewhere where they were traditionally made from brass. Over the last few decades, they are also manufactured from different other metals and materials like stainless steel, copper, and some non-metallic materials. The metal snuffers may be coated with other materials to change their color to rose pink or gold. In addition to being used for snuffing out the candle flame, these snuffers are also used for decor in homes and maybe intricately designed. In some cases, the snuffer may be supplied in a pack with other candle accessories like a dipstick and trimmer. To know more about candle snuffer please visit our site.

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