APICKLE Australia Review

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As a small online retailer, we were delighted to obtain a loan with apickle. Their easy to use website and seamless application process made the experience a treat.


An online clothing retailer, we had spent over 9 months operating a dropshipping model. This allowed us to start our business on the cheap but was becoming an impediment to growth. Our customer feedback revealed that, while our products were very popular, delivery times and packaging left a lot to be desired. We concluded that renting a local warehouse would allow us to fix both these issues and grow our business further. Lacking the capital required to do this ourselves, we sought loans from banks. We were promptly turned down by every place we applied to, as they cited our lack of credit history and assets. As far as they were concerned, we could not prove our ability to repay the loan, nor provide them with any security in case we defaulted.

Enter apickle. Apickle provide unsecured loans (no collateral) and are much more lenient with credit history. Apickle considered our $11,000 monthly turnover to be more than enough assurance of our ability to repay. What’s more, their loans are interest free and come from our card sales. This means we can pay back the loan as we earn. It took all of ten minutes for us to complete their online application and a day later, we had the capital for our new warehouse.


Our business has come on leaps and bounds since we discovered apickle. We now have our own warehouse, professional packaging machinery, and have reduced our delivery times by over half. These changes have made us our business significantly more popular and profitable. If you are seeking a loan to take your business to the next level, we highly recommend apickle!

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