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Who are we?

Price USA is owned and operated by Dr Carolina Tillett. In 2005 I moved to Bendigo with my husband Daniel Tillett, after he took up a Senior Lecturer position at the School Of Pharmacy, La Trobe University. I was looking to start a business which I could fit around our three young boys. After going through the frustration of trying to order an item from the USA, I thought that a service that would let Australians buy from any USA store at a reasonable price would be a good business. I have been running Price USA for more than six years now along with the help of my USA partners.

Why Price USA?

The original idea for Price USA came when I tried to order some childrens party items from the USA that weren’t available here in Australia. The shop I first contacted was not willing to ship to Australia. After much searching I eventually found another shop that would ship to Australia, but they wanted to charge me more than $200 for shipping a $25 order! I thought there must be a better way and the idea for Price USA was born.

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What others have been saying about us?

Many of you are interested in knowing what others think of my service. There are a number of forum threads where people have discussed their experiences of ordering through Price USA. Just are few are shown below.


  • Price USA forum – the official Price USA support forum. This is the place to ask any questions about our service and leave feedback. There is a large section where previous customers have left their feedback on the price usa service.


  • Product Review has a large number of reviews on Price USA. Most are positive, but as with anything there will always be some people unhappy about some aspect of a business.


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